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Use These 3 Ideas To Honour Your Loved One At His/Her Funeral

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very challenging. The mourning experience is usually very emotional and overwhelming. One of the best ways to honour your loved one is celebrating his or her life at their funeral. You want to make sure that you remember some of the best memories and times with the deceased. For this reason, thinking outside the box or having unique ideas at the funeral is a great way of honouring their life. Therefore, when planning for the send-off of your loved one, here are 3 ideas that can help you make the event special. 

Incorporate Friends And Families Who Didn't Make It To The Funeral By Sharing Memorials And Tributes

Tributes and memorials are among some of the best ways of helping with the grieving process. Funerals are typically run on a program and unfortunately, not all friends and family may be available on the funeral day to send off their loved. You wouldn't want them left out in the tribute and memorial part because they too need their healing. For this reason, you can have them included in the funeral without their physical appearance per se. You can do this by using a webcasting software that will allow you to share the tributes as well as the funeral memorials over the internet with those who didn't make it to the funeral.

Inject The Personality Of Your Loved One Into The Service

Personalisation is a great way of sharing some of the deceased's prized possessions. It will help with the grieving process as you reflect on the life of your loved one. This is important because it can help calm down friends or family members that are too overwhelmed with emotions. Therefore, one best way to do this is playing the favourite songs of your loved one. You can also use any other thing that will showcase the personality of your loved one. For instance, if he or she loved cooking, share a recipe of their favourite meal. If you had him or her on video while cooking or giving a tutorial on cooking a given meal, share it as well.

Make Your Loved One Part Of Their Own Funeral

This is one way to make the service as unique as possible. This can be made possible through extreme embalming. If possible, your loved one can be placed on their favourite chair and sat at a specific place during the service.