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Differences Between Headstones and Monuments

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When you begin end-of-life planning, you may find several choices. These choices may be for pre-planning bundles. The choices may also deal directly with the different options within those bundles. For example, you will likely see options for headstones and monuments, and you may not know the differences. Before you make a choice, you should know the differences between the two and how it could affect your plans. 

Detailing and Design

One of the clear differences between headstones and monuments deals with detailing and design. A headstone generally has less design and detailing. This means if you are looking for a simple and minimalistic marker for your burial site, then a headstone may be ideal. If you are wanting more ornate and detailed designs, a monument may be the better option. With monuments, you can find artisans that can deliver unique patterns and engravings, or complete monument designs such as standing angels and other imagery. 

Size and Dimensions

If you are looking for a smaller marker that not only takes up less physical space but also less visual space, then a headstone may be your best option. This is one of the reasons you will find headstones included in many basic end-of-life or pre-planning burial bundles. However, there is an increasing interest and choice for larger monuments that are designed to be a lasting memorial to you or your loved ones. Monuments tend to be the size ordered by the individual and regulated by the cemetery if they have such rules. 

Individual Burials

If you are having one loved one buried, then a headstone is a good option because headstones tend to be for one burial site or person. However, if you are considering purchasing a family burial plot, you may want to consider a monument. Family monuments are available and can list all of the family members buried at that particular site. You can also find monuments that are in memory of the family as a whole. For example, your family monument could be built with angels overlooking the grave and the family surname engraved at the base. 

These are just a few of the differences between headstones and monuments. When you are ready to order your headstone or monument, contact your funeral home of choice. They can help you with the choices, engraving and questions you have regarding your choices. They can also refer you to a monument artisan for special requests and engravings.