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Pet Headstone Customisation Ideas

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Losing a pet can be devastating, especially if they were an integral part of your family for a long time. Therefore, it is only natural to give your pet a befitting sendoff when they pass on. One way to honour the joy they brought to your life is by choosing a custom headstone. Fortunately, there are numerous pet headstone designs in the market. The best part is that you can design your own with the help of a professional. Unfortunately, many people get confused when selecting a customised design because of the intricacies involved. This article eases the selection process by offering unique pet headstone customisation tips.

Paw Headstone 

When designing a pet's headstone, one of the easiest customisation approaches is to use the animal's paw print. Notably, some people do not mind a ready-made paw headstone design, but it does not qualify as customisation. If you want to personalise your pet's headstone with their footprint, you need to make a mould of their paw. Of course, it should happen before you take their body for cremation. A professional headstone builder then uses the moulded print to create a memorial stone for your pet. Most importantly, you feel closer to your deceased pet when touching a paw headstone.

Paw Print Headstone 

Many people cannot differentiate between a paw headstone and a paw print headstone. While their names might seem similar, they are two different customisation designs. Unlike a paw headstone, where an entire memorial stone is designed in the shape of your cat's or dog's foot, a paw print headstone incorporates an impression of their footprint on a headstone slab. When making a paw print headstone, a service provider traces your pet's paw one a stone and carve it out. Alternatively, if you choose a concrete monument, a builder will press your pet's paw on wet concrete such that the impression is visible when the slab dries.

Pet Sculpture Headstone 

Although quite sophisticated, a sculpture of your pet can be an excellent headstone for their grave. When designing your pet's sculpture, a service provider needs pictures from different angles to avoid missing details. Notably, a sculptor can make a 3D carving to sit on top of your pet's grave. However, you should understand that pet sculpture headstones take a long time to complete; hence, starting early is paramount. Besides, you should seek the services of a professional sculptor for quality artistry. The last thing you want is a sculpture that looks nothing like your cat or their paw.

Reach out to a local headstone supplier to learn more.