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Why Do People Pre-Arrange Funerals?

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People pre-arrange funerals for all sorts of reasons. Some are highly personal and could come down to the experience they had when they were responsible for organising the funeral of someone many years ago. If this led to friction between family members about what to do or how much to spend, for example, then it would be perfectly understandable to want to avoid such issues when they pass on. Note that when people pre-arrange funerals for themselves, they typically won't just be leaving behind some instructions about the service they'd like their loved ones to arrange for them but paying for their funeral in advance, too. This means that they can guarantee they'll get the sort of service they want. Why else do many Australians pre-arrange funerals nowadays? 

Settle Funeral Bills Early

To begin with, a pre-arranged funeral with a pre-payment plan will usually mean being able to obtain a particular type of service at today's funeral prices. The money is typically set aside and, in effect, becomes a financial product that will pay out when the time comes. Given that inflation affects all industries, including the funeral sector, it can be reassuring for people to know that they've set enough aside for the sort of funeral they'd like regardless of how much undertakers' costs might go up between now and the time they pass on.

Particular Funeral Preferences

For some people, a pre-arranged funeral plan means that any unusual requests they might have will be taken into account. For example, if you would like a coffin that is decked out in the colours of your favourite footy team, then you can pre-arrange this for yourself. Others may want to specify that there are no religious elements to be included in their funeral service. There again, you might want to have a burial at sea or an eco-funeral instead of a traditional service. With pre-arranged funerals, you can specify whatever it is that is most important to you even if that means opting for the cheapest funeral possible so there's more for your loved ones to inherit.

Avoid Upset for Those Left Behind

Some people pre-arrange funerals for themselves because they know it will be traumatic for those who are left behind. Although some people find arranging a funeral to be cathartic, others struggle with it during their initial period of grief. As such, arranging your own funeral can be a kind thing to do for those you leave behind.

Contact a local funeral home to learn more about how to pre-arrange funerals.