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Why Caskets are Worth Their Weight in Gold

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Fox Business cites that a prices for caskets can start as little as $500 for a traditional pine coffin to over $10,000 for caskets made with metals such as bronze. Some funeral homes may make it difficult to determine why one casket costs so little and another, that looks identical, costs so much. While you try to narrow down a casket that fits your needs and budget, consider the following reasons that high-end caskets are worth their weight in gold.

Casket Material and Crafting

The standard pine coffin is the starting point for materials and price range.  There is nothing to preserve the pine, so you are only paying for the wood and craftsmanship.  Choosing a metal based casket means you are paying for the quality of the metal, the corrosion resistance, and how long it preserves the body. On the low end you have steel caskets, however, on the high end you will find caskets made of semi-precious metals such as bronze and copper. The metals and crafting those metals into a casket are what creates the starting price point for most caskets.


Most caskets are lined with some sort of fabric. This fabric may be plain or it may have embellishments, needlework, or other designer option. The type of fabric and how it is placed in the casket also plays into the casket's price. Fabric can range from cotton blends to pure silk. Remember, you will be asked during the planning process about the fabric as well as additional items related to the fabric choice. This may include additional fees for images, pillows, and color scheme. Because funerals are personalized, funeral directors each have different prices and packages.


The design of the casket plays into the worth of a casket as well. For example, if you need an extended size casket you will likely pay more than a traditional size costs. Brushed metal, gaskets, color, and embellishments are available through most casket manufacturers. Catalogs are available through your funeral home director that show hundreds of designs available to funeral homes across the country.

When you plan your funeral, and speak to various funeral homes, you will find that prices vary widely and can run a huge spectrum. Each funeral home offers different packages, price plans, and payment options. These options may come with several add-ons. If you are not sure about certain add-ons, ask your funeral director if they are required or if you can create your own package. For more information on planning a funeral, visit Chapel of the Holy Family