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What a Funeral Director Will Do For You

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The death of a loved one can be expected or it can be very unexpected. Either way, when someone is grieving their loved one, the last thing they should need to worry about is the funeral. The funeral director will help make all the choices that need to be made to ensure the funeral service represents the life of the family members' lost relative.

Loving Care

The funeral director will most likely be the person who embalms the deceased's body. The funeral director will take great pains to ensure the deceased is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. This means taking the time after dressing the deceased to fix their hair and make-up as needed to present the best image they can for loved ones to say their goodbyes.


The funeral director can help make the important choices that are necessary even in this time of grief. Selecting the casket, music and flowers are all choices a funeral director will help a family to make.

Holding Hands

The funeral director's most important job is to be a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold for anyone who needs it during this time of mourning.

Making Calls

If needed, a funeral director can help notify relatives and loved ones of the deceased's passing and also help to write and place the obituary in the local paper.


Paperwork is in death just as it is in life. When a family needs help handling all of the paperwork, the funeral director will step in and help handle some of these matters. The funeral director is able to get the death certificate as well as file any paperwork that may be required by the state.


The funeral director will arrange transportation of the deceased from the morgue to the funeral home and they will also make arrangements with the cemetery. The funeral director can also help to arrange or find pall bearers. The funeral director will help to secure any needed vehicles for the funeral procession as well as make sure any special requirements, like military requirements for a fallen soldier, are followed.


After the funeral, the funeral director will gather and distribute the floral arrangements to the family or make sure they get sent to any other designated place. Along with this, they will ensure the family gets any items used during the service as well as the sign-in book.

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