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Benefits of Using a Funeral Home for All Your Funeral Pre-Planning Needs

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There are many places you can go both online and offline to pre-plan your funeral. The problem with some of these options is that they do not handle all aspects of your planning needs. Though you may find a memorial group that does a portion of the planning, some of the steps will be left out and up to you to find an alternative resource to complete. With that in mind, you may be wondering if there are any options that are more inclusive. If that is your question, here are some benefits you may find to using a funeral home for an all-inclusive funeral pre-planning experience.

Cemetery Options

A misconception is that funeral pre-planning packages offer burial plot and cemetery options. The truth is, many of these services do not offer burial plots. The planning service assumes that you already have a cemetery picked out and burial plots have been purchased. They offer planning for everything else that you need. When you go through funeral homes for your pre-planning, you have the ability to locate a cemetery that is accepting new burial plot sales. This means the funeral home will help you locate the cemetery, connect you with a representative to purchase the plots and move forward with the planning process.

Burial Attributes

There are certain attributes of the burial process that you may consider part of your funeral pre-planning. The problem is that the service you are using may not offer certain burial attributes included in their pre-planning packages. For example, the packages may include a coffin, headstone and the memorial service. They may not cover the burial vault if one is required in your area. They may also not include certain aspects of the memorial service, such as visitation services or graveside services. A funeral home will offer all aspects either in a burial package or as a standard package with add-on features that fit your needs.

Memorial Services

Many pre-planning services, online and offline, will offer everything but the memorial services. This means you may have what you need for the burial, but you would not have a location to have the body sent to for burial or any services included. You would need to find a chapel or other location for your memorial service that can accept the body and move forward with the memorial as well as transport it to the burial site. By using a funeral home for your pre-planning you can include the memorial service with your other funeral options without having to go to a third party.

If you are in need of inclusive funeral pre-planning services, contact local funeral homes. They can give you the details of the services they offer. They can also help you with pricing and questions you may have regarding the planning process.