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4 Things to Guide You When Choosing a Headstone

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When a loved one dies, you can commemorate them in different ways. A headstone or gravestone is one of the permanent things you can use to celebrate their life. However, choosing the right headstone can sometimes be a challenge. 

If you consider the following four aspects, you will certainly choose the right headstone to mark the grave of your loved one.

The Installation Process

Some cemeteries offer headstone installation services, while others don't. If the cemetery promises to install the headstone for you, find out the kind of gravestone they fit and how much they charge. Also, ask the cemetery service providers how long they might take to install it. 

If the cemetery doesn't provide installation services, find out how best you could do it yourself. Alternatively, ask the headstone supplier to install it for you or recommend an expert who offers headstone installation services.


You choose the form and design of a headstone based on how you want to customise it. Different people customise headstones in different ways. While some people use epitaphs to customise a headstone, others use quotes and poems. 

But most people customise headstones using the deceased's date of birth or their names. Any inscription on the headstone becomes a lasting memorial. Customising the gravestone is a sign of honour and respect for the deceased

The Material

If you want to buy the right headstone, you should consider durability. The material used to make the headstone determines how durable it will be. Bronze, marble, and granite are some of the popular materials used to make headstones. 

If you don't want a headstone made of any of these materials, you can still choose other materials such as steel iron, limestone, slate, or sandstone. Where possible, choose a headstone made of materials that can withstand harsh weather if you want it to last for many years.

Cemetery Rules

Before you choose a headstone, you should understand cemetery regulations and rules since they vary considerably. Some of the rules and regulations put in place by the cemetery management can help determine the design, material and size of the headstone you can install.

For example, some cemeteries may not allow you to install a headstone made of a particular material or a huge headstone. That's why you should be familiar with the cemetery regulations and rules before you buy a headstone. Visit a local cemetery office or monument company for help to avoid choosing the wrong headstone.

Giving the deceased a lasting memorial is a great idea, and you can do it using a durable and well-designed headstone. Although getting the right headstone for the deceased might seem a daunting task, the four aspects above can make it easier for you.

For further tips on choosing a headstone, reach out to a local funeral home.